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At Zilli Hospitality Group we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service before, after and during every event..
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Message from James Zilli, CEO
“Summer's right around the corner”


Summer is fast approaching and after a long cold winter, we know you’re going to want to take your events outside. With such a small window of warm weather, I know a lot of people can’t wait for summer festivals, tailgating at Brewers games, company picnics, and enjoying the best Wisconsin has to offer this time of year. 

From a business perspective, there isn’t much you can do that’s more effective at building employee engagement and retention than throwing a company picnic.  All businesses these last few years have struggled with downsizing and reinventing their business model.  Expectations are raised for existing staff to do more and are spread thin. We all have lost staff, and it’s also a huge investment to replace and train them.

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Check out what’s going on at our partner venues! There’s something for everyone and a sure cure for the winter blues.

Mother’s Day is May 9th. Join us for brunch at the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, at the Milwaukee Public Museum, or celebrate Mother’s Day at Coast Restaurant. Stay tuned and watch for an e-mail with details!sopra

At the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum - 2220 N. Terrace Avenue Milwaukee, WI  53202

Join us Sunday, May 2 as Café Sopra Mare presents:
The Genera Consort
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


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From the Zilli Bar
Mint Lemonade


The Perfect Picnic Drink: Mint Lemonade

This delicious and very refreshing summertime drink is sure to have you asking for more! This recipe makes enough for a family


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From the Zilli Kitchens

What’s a picnic without a good side salad?



We do all the traditional salads like potato salad, baked beans and coleslaw quite well – but even our traditional salads have a twist that makes them stand out.



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Question of the Month


Which is your favorite wedding entree? Chicken, Beef, Fish or Vegetarian?  We’ll include your feedback in future issues. To respond click the mail icon below or mail to, please include Subject line: Question of the Month April

Check out the Milwaukee Zoo!



There aren’t too many places more fun than the Milwaukee County Zoo. There’s always a new exhibit or a favorite animal to see, with something to entertain adults and children alike. This summer will bring “Adventure Dinosaur!”, a prehistoric park exhibit with more than 25 dinosaurs lurking, moving and rumbling around their outdoor habitat.

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The Magic of Propping

Did you know we’re the only hospitality firm that has a prop department and a full-time prop manager?

And - there’s much more to propping than a colorful skirt on a buffet table and a piece of fruit! We know the difference between ho-hum picnic presentation and WOW is propping. With an extensive prop library in-house, we can create hundreds of themes for tailgates, picnics, indoor or outdoor events. We’re well-known for our creative presentation that includes floral, prop items and unique linens that dress up a table to fit your theme. From a Brewers themed tailgate, Fourth of July picnic or golf luncheon under a tent, summer events are fun – so let us show you what we can do!

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